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My Story

In 2018 I came back to Denver from New England, I lived in one of the most peaceful spots in the country, in my opinion, in Vermont.  It was in Vermont I saw one of the most spectacular sunsets I’d ever witnessed and took a picture of it.  


Since then I’ve taken thousands of pictures of different landscapes, traveled all across the country photographing wildlife, pets, families, models, and some rock bands, I’ve even been photographed.  Everything I took pictures of gave me a great appreciation for the camera and how much it’s gotten me to a different creative level that I had yet to see.  My goals with the camera have changed over the years.  Where I used to try to get away from the sounds of the city now I relish in those Friday and Saturday night shows, the photo shoots with professionals, the architecture of bridges, skyscrapers, and parks.  I hope you enjoy some of my favorite photos on the store and if you do make a purchase 10 percent will go to a charity.

What Clients Are Saying


" Daniel has a great eye for photographs. He always catches the perfect moment!"

Mark A.

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